You’ve remembered the turkey and trimmings, the pies and cakes, and the potatoes galore, so take the time to set a gorgeous holiday table worthy of all those hours of work. A growing trend in table décor is mixing seasonal fruits and vegetables with fresh flowers to create unique and striking holiday arrangements. Here are some fun and easy examples from floral expert Jane Carroll and

Apples can make great individual table settings or be arranged to create a unique centerpiece. Simply place a metal tea light on top of each apple, trace around the tea light with a marker and cut out the tracing. Drop a new tea light right into the top of the apple. Place each apple on top of a fall leaf and either set one apple votive arrangement at each setting or cluster in the middle of the table for a fabulous fall centerpiece.

Create your own vase by first selecting an upright butternut squash. Cut off about an inch from the top. Next, scoop out at least 2 or 3 inches of the inside. Thoroughly soak a piece of floral foam (available at most florists or craft stores) that you have cut to fit into the opening and place it inside of the scooped out squash. Before you do, hold the flowers near the squash to determine the height and give each stem a fresh cut on an angle and insert it in the foam.

You can also use fresh gourds in assorted colors to create miniature versions of this floral arrangement. Simply cut the top off of an upright gourd (cut only 1/2 to 1 inch) and clean out the inside. Insert a small piece of floral foam soaked with water into the opening and arrange single stems or a small bouquet of flowers inside the gourd.

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