Remodel Your Home with Energy Efficiency

Across the country natural gas and electric prices are hitting all time highs. These skyrocketing energy costs have taken a deeper cut into homeowner’s wallets. Homeowner’s usually think about new energy efficient appliances when looking to conserve energy and save money on their utility bills. However, the U.S. Department of Energy says that 33 percent of air leakage comes from walls, floors and ceilings. This alone could have a significant effect on your energy use and utility bills.

That’s why a home’s exterior is an excellent place to start conserving energy. Some homes have a vinyl, masonite or wood product installed on them. These siding products are usually installed in 12-foot lengths and overlapped to allow for the expansion and contraction of the siding. This produces a seam or crack in your home’s exterior and creates a possible energy losing escape route. The average home may have over 130 energy losing cracks.

A great way to start saving on energy bills is to have insulation wrapped around your home before installing new siding. This will ensure that your home is protected from the elements and is more energy efficient during the warm and cool seasons. When remodeling your home for energy efficiency look for companies that:

* Have factory trained professionals * Use Energy Star approved products * Offer a reference list of previous customers and projects

One seamless steel siding company, ABC Seamless, understands the importance of an energy efficient home. The company applies a warm blanket of insulation that has earned the Energy Star of Approval from the U.S. Department of Energy, around the home’s exterior. Then, the home is measured and each piece of ABC Seamless steel siding is roll-formed and cut on the jobsite to the exact dimensions of the home, creating the seamless look. This unique process eliminates ugly seams that can bulge, separate, collect dirt and moisture and lower the energy efficiency of the home.

Seamless steel siding has many advantages over other home exterior products. Steel is more durable and energy efficient than many other products. Unlike other types of siding, seamless steel siding won’t crack, chip or rot. Seamless steel is also a great insulator. It helps reduce outside noise pollution from coming into the home. Plus, it increases the energy efficiency when installed over the insulation. The siding is virtually maintenance-free and doesn’t need to be scraped or painted every few years, saving additional time and money.

Rising energy costs have many homeowners’ looking at ways to improve their home’s energy efficiency. An investment in professionally installed seamless steel siding and insulation wrapped around your home can protect your most valued asset while saving you time and money for years to come.

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