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Trouble Shooting Your New Dispenser

Probable Cause
Dispenser does not adhere properly to wall.
Wall has not been cleaned adequately.

Tape tabs and full tube of silicone have not been used.
Ensure that wall is clean and dry. If wall surface is molded fiberglass, clean area with nail polish remover to eliminate the wax coating used in the molding process.

Tape tabs must be used to provide initial bond. Silicone must be used to provide the permanent bond.
A liquid drips from spout.
Pump spring is damaged or pump seal is damaged.
Replace the pump.
Liquids won't pump out.
Pump is not primed.

Valve in neck of bottle has been lost or removed. Valve with ball is necessary for pump to operate.
Please prime the pump according to the instructions. Follow the steps carefully.

Check to ensure valve and stopper ball is in the neck of the bottle. Replace valve if it is missing.
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