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Fiberglass Sinks, Tubs - Stain Removal

Stubborn stains:
Rub one of the cleaners recommended for regular
cleaning on stained area; leave on about an hour; rinse.

Heavy soap scum buildup:
Occasionally use a mild abrasive, such as "Bon Ami"
or "Soft Scrub"; do not use them for regular cleaning.

Hard water mineral deposits:
Occasionally remove with products specifically
designed to remove such deposits that state on label they
are safe for fiberglass; these are usually mild acids
such as "Lime-Away" which contains some phosphoric acid
but is safe for consumer use; rubber gloves should be
worn when applying, and label instructions followed

Tough stains such as tar, adhesives, oil paints, etc:
Moisten clean cloth with a solvent such as acetone
(nail polish remover) or paint thinner and rub stained
area lightly until stain disappears. Use the minimum
amount of solvent needed. Do not let solvent go down
drain or touch any plastic items. Wipe off with clean
cloth dampened in water. Be very careful using solvents.
Do not use around heat or flame, do not smoke, keep
container capped, have plenty of ventilation!

This article was written by Anne Field, Extension
Specialist, Emeritus, with references from Wisconsin
Extension bulletin Maintaining Your Home - Care of Bathtub
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