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Cleaning A Shower Head

Two of the most common cleaning problems that we have in the bathroom are mildew and soap scum and mineral deposits that develop on the shower door and other places.

Now people try all sorts of things and really go into chemical warfare trying to get rid of the stuff.

Actually we have a couple of things everybody has in their home that will take care of the problem. First of all, you can get rid of the problem on the shower door by just using vinegar. It's best to warm it up and then if you want to use one of these scouring pads like so, then all you have to do is go to work on it and it will take this stuff off of there.

Now, sometimes it's going to take you a little bit longer than that. But it does get it off of there and you can just come in after you have done all of this and wipe it off and you can see how good it is. The other thing is when you have mildew you just want to take liquid laundry bleach and put it in a spray bottle and you can just go along and squirt the walls. As you work your way across, you will see how magically that mildew is going to disappear.

One thing you do want to keep in mind, bleach is something that has a very strong odor to it and it's not kind to your lungs. So you want to have plenty of ventilation. Also, anytime you put something into a bottle, be sure and mark what it is. Remember that vinegar gets rid of those problems with the shower door and bleach will get rid of the mildew.




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