First we start with the highest quality componets:

  • 2 Flow Controls
  • A Double Arm with an extra outlet for a second shower head


Then we add an 8 Inch Pancake (also known as a sunflower or rainfall shower head) to the top, allowing you to feel as if you are taking a shower in the rain.
Then we add an Ultra High Quality German Engineered 8 Jet Shower Head to the bottom, designed to give you 8-10 gallons of water per minute under incredible pressure. This is the very same shower head used by President Bush at his ranch in Texas

And combine them to create the Ultimate Showering System. A Double 8 Jet Shower Head. This Double Shower Head is designed to give you years of trouble free maintenance and ultra high pressure.

Each shower head has an independant flow control, allowing you to turn either shower head off or on, or choose to have both on at the same time.

All of our shower heads come with a one year guarantee. You will be amazed at the water pressure coming from your shower.

This showering system retails on our website for $193.95.