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Shower Filter

Shower Filter

A long hot shower is a luxury most of us can afford and which we all take for granted.

The problem is every time we shower, the water we shower in is affecting our health. Your body absorbs Chlorine through inhalation, as well as through the skin. Our skin is entirely chlorine absorbent. Chlorine chemically bonds with the protein in our skin and hair, making hair brittle and dry and sensitive skin itch, dry and flake. 

The Showers Plus Shower Filter, a four stage filter, has a Multi Porous Fiber Screen, Phosphorous Removing Micro Balls and NMC, a patented media, which utilizes zinc and copper to react with the Chlorine, producing zinc and copper chloride. In this state, the chlorine is inert and no longer free to damage your skin and hair and it cannot be inhaled giving you a safe, soft, luxurious shower.  The fourth stage is Activated Tourmaline Crystals, is used to naturally transform water into mild alkaline water, reduce water clustering (what happens to our stored water) and has anti-bacterial and deodorant qualities. Treated water applied to the skin gives an excellent effect of moisturizing and absorption.

Can be used in conjunction with any existing shower head, simply install directly against shower wall, before shower arm. Removes Chlorine. Significantly reduces Iron, Lead, Arsenic, Pesticides, and Fertilizers. (Long Chain Organic Compounds)

SKU Number: 1052
Price: $39.95