His siroflex shower head needs to be replaced.


He has seen the siroflex high pressure shower head he wants he just needs to remember where it was that he seen it. 

I wanted rain shower heads.


My husband wanted nothing to do with rain shower heads but felt that we should have a high pressure shower head. 

We have always used handheld shower heads in our home.


So if you have the need to wash a pet or need to shower a handicapped person I would recommend using handheld shower heads at all times. 

Hand held shower heads are good for the handicapped also.


Using brass hand held shower heads is the only way to go if you have a handicapped person in your home.

The shower head we have now is horrible.


I know I would like one of the hand held shower heads as I think this would be helpful f or when I give my pet a shower. 

He does not like the rain shower heads.


The current rain shower heads will stay but just one will be replaced with a high pressure shower head.

I want to replace all of the shower heads with Siroflex brand.


They are Siroflex brass shower heads. 

I love rain shower heads but my husband wants a high pressure shower head.


I find the rain shower heads to be calming and soothing. 

I have a thing for showers and shower heads


With as much experience as I have had with shower heads, I knew that I wanted one of those pancake or waterfall shower heads.

Shower Heads can help you relax


Running your own business is hard.

Shower Heads


When it comes to shower heads, anything less than perfect is unacceptable.