I have a thing for showers and shower heads

By Tom C.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Even with boxes surrounding me, the first thing I’ve done when I moved into my last three rentals was to change the shower heads. The first apartment had a shower head that made me have to squat down to rinse what remains of my hair. That shower head was designed for people less than 5’2’, and made me understand why so many people slipped and fell in the shower. I bought a shower head with an extender, and I still miss that shower.


The next rental had two bathrooms and a tiny water heater. The solution to cold showers after my wife was to replace the 1960’s shower heads with modern water saving heads. Most recently, I had to replace the shower heads on our rental house because they literally grossed me out. With as much experience as I have had with shower heads, I knew that I wanted one of those pancake or waterfall shower heads. I cranked the water heater, and this shower is already making me miss the shower from a few places back. I obviously have a shower fixation, but even guests have asked if I’d help them improve their shower heads.