Is Your Bathroom Lacking (Your) Personality?

Find Out How to Make It Reflect Your Unique Style

It has guided your career path. Influenced your selection of a significant other. And helped shape the type of person you’ve become.

Why shouldn’t your personality also determine how you decorate your bathroom?

“As one of the most intimate rooms of a house, it’s only natural that the bathroom be an extension of our individual traits and preferences,” says Sharon Hanby-Robie, interior designer, author of the “My Name Isn’t Martha” series, and spokesperson for the Wallpaper Council. “Colors, textures, patterns and accessories all come into play as we create a room that is practical, stylish and reflects our true personalities.”

For those about to undertake a bathroom decorating — or redecorating — project, the prospect can be somewhat daunting. An excellent place to start, however, is by taking a few moments to answer the following questions. Tally up the number of a’s, b’s and c’s to discover your unique decorating profile.

1. My ideal mate is: a) cultured, b) athletic, c) easy-going

2. My favorite drink is: a) a Cosmopolitan, b) green tea, c) a Margarita

3. My friends describe me as: a) trendy and organized, b) relaxed and easygoing, c) fun and spontaneous

4. I wouldn’t be caught dead without my: a) Palm Pilot, b) Swiss army knife, c) sunscreen

5. My fashion style could best be described as: a) fresh off the runway, b) Banana Republic-inspired, c) beach casual

6. My ideal vacation is: a) touring museums in Paris, b) backpacking through a tropical rainforest, c) lying on a beach in the Florida Keys

7. My next car will most likely be: a) a BMW or Mercedes, b) a Jeep Cherokee or Ford Explorer, c) a PT Cruiser or Volkswagen Jetta.

8. The next time I buy shoes, I’ll be most likely to buy: a) Jimmy Choo boots, b) Birkenstock sandals, c) Gap flip-flops

9. My taste in music leans toward: a) Mozart, b) Enya, c) Beach Boys

10. My favorite sports include: a) golf or tennis, b) hiking or gardening, c) swimming or surfing

“At the risk of over generalizing, we’ve found that most people tend to fall into one of three categories,” explains Imholte. “Those who chose ‘a’ most often can be classified as elegant and refined. Their bathrooms should reflect their upscale demeanor in pale hues of ivory, taupe, mauve and gray. Faux marble or Tuscany-inspired accessories, nickel-finish brass towel bars, and a tapestry fabric shower curtain add a certain panache, as does an assortment of calming bath oils and aromatherapy products. Vanilla and lavender candles complete the calming ambiance.”

According to Imholte, those who most frequently selected ‘b’ tend to be earthy and environmentally aware. When decorating their bathrooms, the key word to keep in mind is green. A subtle palette of celadon, sage, loden and moss greens should be used to evoke the essence of ferns, leaves and grass. Their botanical refuges should also include lush green plants, a natural woven wood wastebasket, tea tree oil-inspired bath products, and pine and lime candles.

“Those who most often opted for ‘c’ are extroverted and fun,” adds Imholte. “For them, the sky’s the limit in terms of color. They can easily combine ocean hues of turquoise, marine blue and teal with sunset shades of yellow, orange and red. Add a tropical fish flower curtain and shell-shaped soap dish — maybe even a flamingo bowl brush! Mango, pineapple and melon candles complete the island motif.”