Handheld showerheads

Hung on a bracket on the shower pipe (included as a standard accessory), this type of showerhead functions much like a conventional fixed showerhead except it usually features adjustable-flow settings. It comes out of its bracket for handheld use, making it easy to shower sitting down. A model with a long hose also eases cleaning the shower.

Slide Bar

Some showerheads are mounted on bars that let you slide the entire spray mechanism up and down. Typically, the showerhead itself is handheld and removable from the bar. This option is well-suited for a shower used by people of different heights.

Double Shower Heads

There is no one right shower for every person. This is why we have developed the Double Shower Head. Customizable in over 500 different ways, this shower allows two people to shower together, or even have a differrent shower for each person’s need.

Pan-style showerheads

Creating the effect of a drenching rain, this type of showerhead is mounted on the ceiling. It’s almost always supplemented with a more conventional type of showerhead for day-to-day showering.